Themira gracilis
(Zetterstedt 1847)
Specimen, Male
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Pont, A. C. and R. Meier (2002). The Sepsidae (Diptera) of Europe. Brill: 188-188.

Diagnosis (From Pont & Meier, 2002):

Adult recognised by the partly glossy katepisternum together with partly yellow legs.

(From Ozerov, 2005)
gracilis Zetterstedt, 1847: 2300 (Sepsis). Type locality: "in graminosis ad diversorium Skaltugan, ad radicem jugi alpini situm " [SWEDEN: Jämtland, Skalstugan]; Lectotype ♂, by designation of Gregor, 1966: 78, in ZMUL.

plurisetosus Duda, 1926a: 98 (Meroplius). Type locality: "Korosmezo " [now = Jasina] (UKRAINA); Holotype ♀, in ZMHUB.

(From Pont & Meier, 2002)
Sepsis gracilis: Gregor (1966: 78) studied Zetterstedt’s ♂ syntype from his Diptera Scandinaviae collection, drawer 38 (as did Ringdahl, 1934: 5), and designated it as lectotype. It has also been studied by Pont. It is labelled by Zetterstedt ‘S. gracilis male. / Zett. Skalstug.’; the head and right mid leg are missing. The ♀ syntype, with Zetterstedt’s label ‘S. gracilis female. / Zett. Skalst.’, has been labelled by Pont as paralectotype; it is conspecific with the ♂.

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(From Ozerov, 2005) - World Distribution
Palaearctic. - Asia: Mongolia, Russia (Altay, Amurskaya Oblast’,Primorskiy Kray); Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Russia (Alania, Karelia, Leningradskaya Oblast’, Moskovskaya Oblast’), Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine.

(From Pont & Meier, 2002) - With focus on European Distribution
A littleknown but locally common species. Denmark: 1 specimen, without locality but maybe North East Zealand (Stæger). Norway: Rogaland and Troms. Sweden: Skåne to Jämtland (Ringdahl, 1934: 3; 1951: 143). Finland: only the southern provinces. Frey’s (1908: 587) male from Valamo actually belongs to paludosa; Siebke’s (1877: 153) material belongs to annulipes. The middle belt of Europe.eastwards (Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania) (Zuska and Pont, 1984: 164), Latvia (Karps, 1986: 6), Belgium (Grootaert, 1991: 135), Switzerland (Haenni, 1997: 73), North Italy (Munari, 1984: 48); Russia: Kr (University Zoological Museum, Helsinki, Finland), Leningrad district (Shtakel’berg, 1958: 132), Moscow district and North Ossetia (Ozerov, 1999d: 178), Amur district and Far East province (Ozerov, 1983: 636; 1989: 842; 1999d: 178); Ukraine (Zuska and Pont, 1984: 164), Mongolia (Soós, 1972: 357).

  • Head
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen (Male)
  • Abdomen (Female)

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