Themira arctica
(Becker 1915)
Specimen, Male
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Pont, A. C. and R. Meier (2002). The Sepsidae (Diptera) of Europe. Brill: 188-188.

Diagnosis (From Pont & Meier, 2002):

Adult male recognised by the partly shining katepisternum, presence of a postpronotal seta, and simple apical setae on mid tibia. It is most similar to ringdahli Pont, sp. n. and best recognised by the features given in the key (Pont and Meier, 2002, p. 58).

(From Ozerov, 2005)
arctica Becker, 1915a: 67 (Cheligaster). Type locality: "polaren Ural " [RUSSIA: Ural Mts, north of Tyumenskaya Oblast’]; Holotype ♂, in ZISP.

dampfi Becker, 1915b: 128 (Themira). Type locality: Faroe Is. (DENMARK); Lectotype ♂, by designation of Pont in Pont and Meier, 2002: 67 [not Hennig, 1949], in ZMHUB.

(From Pont & Meier, 2002)
Cheligaster arctica: the holotype ♂ is in ASSP (Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia), and has been seen by Pont. It is labelled in Russian ‘Polar Urals / north of Tobolsk Government / F. Zaytsev 6.vii.09’ [Pont translation]. It is damp, only just on the pin, and with head and right fore tibia+tarsus missing. It belongs to arctica as de?ned here. According to A. L. Ozerov (pers. comm.), the ‘Tobolsk government’ is now Tyumen’ district, and the type-locality is most probably in the Urals to the west of Salekhard near the mouth of the River Ob.

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(From Ozerov, 2005) - World Distribution
Nearctic. ― Canada (Northwest Territories, Labrador), Greenland. Palaearctic. ― Asia: Russia (Krasnoyarskiy Kray, Tyumenskaya Oblast’); Europe: Finland, Denmark (Faroe Is), Ireland, Norway, Sweden.

(From Pont & Meier, 2002) - With focus on European Distribution
An arcticsubarctic species, widespread but rare in the north. Denmark: absent; Ozerov’s (1986: 640) record refers to its occurrence in the Faroes. Norway: Troms. Sweden: Lycksele Lappmark, Lule Lappmark, Torne Lappmark. Finland: Lapponia kemensis, W part, Lapponia enontekiensis, Lapponia inarensis. Circumboreal, but records sparse. Iceland and Faroe Is (Zuska and Pont, 1984: 164), including the new island of Surtsey (Lindroth et al., 1973: 35). Russia: Lapponia rossica (University Zoological Museum, Helsinki, Finland); Frey, 1925: 76); WS, Tyumen’ (typelocality); ES, Taymyr Peninsula (Chernov, 1965: 77; Ozerov, 1986: 640; 1999: 174); possibly Kirghiziya, Tien Shan Mts, over 2555 m (Sychevskaya and Vtorov, 1969: 820, but identi?cation queried). Nearctic: Greenland (Vibe, 1950: 420), NorthWest Territories and Labrador (Steyskal, 1965: 684; Ozerov, 1999: 174). Only collected in July and August.

  • Head
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen (Male)
  • Abdomen (Female)

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