Sepsis pyrrhosoma
Melander et Spuler 1917
Specimen, Male
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Tan, D. S. H., Y. Ang, et al. (2010). From ’cryptic species’ to integrative taxonomy: an iterative process involving DNA sequences, morphology, and behaviour leads to the resurrection of Sepsis pyrrhosoma (Sepsidae: Diptera). Zoologica Scripta 39(1): 51-61.

Diagnosis (From Tan et al., 2009):

Adult Sepsis pyrrhosoma resemble lightly coloured specimens of Sepsis flavimana. However, S. pyrrhosoma can be consistently distinguished from the latter by the following characters. While S. flavimana is always black to dark brown in thorax and head colour, S. pyrrhosoma is mostly reddish to yellow on the pleura and abdominal sections as well as on the face and gena. Fore-femora of S. pyrrhosoma are also consistently light yellow, while S. flavimana invariably retains a dark brown region dorsally. Colour is the only way to distinguish male S. pyrrhosoma from female S. flavimana morphologically. Additional characters in the male are: (1) the fore-tibial ventro-basal bump is always slight or non-existent in S. pyrrhosoma, bearing small, weak bristles, while S. flavimana has a distinct bump with longer and thicker bristles; The hypopygium of S. flavimana is entirely black with a smooth, beak-like surstylus while S. pyrrhosoma possesses a yellow hypopygium with only the surstylus darkened apically. (3) The S. pyrrhosoma surstylus bears sub-medial inward-facing protrusions not present in S. flavimana.

(From Ozerov, 2005)
pyrrhosoma Melander et Spuler, 1917: 25 (Sepsis). Type locality: Lafayette (USA: Indiana); Lectotype ♂, by designation of Ozerov, 1998a: 87, in NMNHW.

(From Tan et al., 2009)
Holotype in National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), Washington, DC, USA. Ozerov (2000: 116) provides the following informations on the type: ♂ of S. pyrrhosoma (designated by Ozerov 1998: 87), labelled ‘Lafayette Ind[iana].[,] Jul[y]’, ‘A[.]L[.] Melander Collection 1961’, ‘Type Sepsis pyrr[h]osoma Mel[ander]. and Sp[uler]. J. Zuska 1967’, ‘Lectotypus ♂ S. pyrrhosoma Melander and Spuler 1917: 25 design. A. Ozerov, 1994’, ‘S. flavimana Mg. ♂ A.L. Ozerov det., January, 1994. Other examined material. ♂♂♀♀ ex culture established from $$ from grassland along Leake Avenue near Mississippi River, New Orleans, LA), ca. 5 m ASL, 29°5548.34 "N 90°84.17 " W 2008 (Coll. R. Meier); in Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, Singapore (RMBR). Additional specimens were obtained from Raleigh, NC, New York and Athens, GA.

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(From Ozerov, 2005) - World Distribution
Nearctic. ― USA (Athens, Indiana, New Orleans, New York, Raleigh)

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