Sepsis kiribatensis
Vanshuytbroeck 1963
Holotype, Male
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Vanschuytbroeck, P. (1963). Sepsinae (Diptera Tetanoceridea). Exploration du Parc National Albert. Deuxième Série, 13, 1: 391. and
Ozerov, A. L. (2006). Studies of Afrotropical Sepsidae (Diptera). V. Key and diagnoses of genera of Afrotropical Sepsidae. Russian Entomological Journal 15(1): 93-108.


(From Ozerov, 2005)
kiribatensis Vanschuytbroeck, 1963a: 72 (Sepsis). Type locality: Virunga National Parc: "Kiribata (Migeri), Moyenne-Lume, 1760 m" (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO); Holotype ♂, in MRAC.


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(From Ozerov, 2005) - World Distribution
Afrotropical. ― Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda.

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Pinned specimen, Male
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