Sepsis frontalis
Walker 1860
Specimen, Male
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Note: Individuals of this species are known to vary widely in size and color; large males often appear reddish or yellowish, while smaller males are often more darkly pigmented. Females are invariably black in pigmentation.

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Zuska, J. (1968). A revision of the genus Australosepsis (Diptera, Sepsidae). // Acta entomologica bohemoslovaca,65, 6: 470476.

(From Ozerov, 2005)
frontalis Walker, 1860: 163 (Sepsis). Type locality: "Makessar " [now = Ujung Pandang] (INDONESIA: Sulawesi I.); Lectotype ♂, by designation of Zuska, 1968: 472, in NHML.

tenella de Meijere, 1906: 183 (Sepsis). Type locality: SINGAPORE; Lectotype ♂, by designation of Zuska, 1968: 472, in MTMB.

brevis Brunetti, 1910: 361 (Sepsis). Type locality: Baroda (INDIA); Holotype ♂, not in NHML and presumed in ZSIC or destroyed.

lieveni Frey, 1917a: 25 (Sepsis). Type locality: Anurandhapura (SRI LANKA); Holotype ♂, in ZMUH.


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(From Ozerov, 2005) - World Distribution
Australasian/Oceanian. ― Australia (Nothern Territory, Western Australia), New Caledonia (New Caledonia). Oriental. ― Bangladesh, China (Guangdong, Taiwan), India (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu), Indonesia (Lombok I., Sulawesi I., Sumbawa I., Timor I.), Japan (Okinawa I.), Malaysia (Borneo I.) Nepal, Philippines (Balabac I., Busuanga I., Culion I., Luzon I., Mindanao I., Palawan I.), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam. Palaearctic. ― Asia: Pakistan.

  • Head
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen (Male)
  • Abdomen (Female)

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