Ortalischema albitarse
(Zetterstedt 1847)
Specimen, Male
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Illustrations extracted from:
Pont, A. C. and R. Meier (2002). The Sepsidae (Diptera) of Europe. Brill: 188-188.

Diagnosis (From Pont & Meier, 2002):

Adult Ortalischema albitarse can be distinguished from all other European and Palaearctic genera by the absence of the postocellar seta. Of note are also the distinctive male fore-tarsi and hirsute genitalia.

(From Ozerov, 2005)
Ortalischema Frey, 1925: 75. Gender: neuter. Type-species: Sepsis albitarsis Zetterstedt, 1847, by original designation.


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(From Ozerov, 2005) - World Distribution
Palaearctic. ― Asia: Japan ( Hokkaido I.), Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia (Altay, Chelyabinskaya Oblast’, Irkutskaya Oblast’); Europe: Finland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Russia (Alania, Arkhangel’skaya Oblast’, Leningradskaya Oblast’), Sweden, Ukraine.

  • Head
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen (Male)
  • Abdomen (Female)

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